Last weekend (13-14 May) saw the very first Tribal Generation UK Gathering!

It was a great time of gathering together those with a heart to make a difference with their generation.

What is the vision of Tribal Generation?
“New Churches for the New Generations”

The Gathering began on Friday night with Rodrigo Veiga welcoming everyone and sharing a little about Tribal Generation.
We had a time of worship and then Adam Dyer (pastor of Yeovil Community Church) gave a message about Elijah after he defeated the prophets of Baal and then ran away from Jezebel. When Elijah felt alone and cried out to God that he was the only one left, God responded by telling him that there were another 7000 like him. This is the reality of Tribal Generation in Europe. There are many people and ministries who feel they are the “only ones left”, but n reality there are 7000. The work of TG Europe is to find these 7000 and to help them develop in relationship together, knowing they are not alone.

On Saturday morning we began with a time of worship led by Marcelo Guimaraes and the Open Heart team from Bognor Regis. We then had a round table discussion, where each leader gave a short presentation abut themselves and the ministry they represent. We then opened up to questions from the floor.
This was a great time of discussion and sharing heart for Europe.

After lunch we had 3 workshops that people had previously signed up for:
1) Football Coaching with Mark Lillie (CLC Hereford)
2) Film-making with Richard Hankins (CLC Hereford)
3) Creative Worship with Marcelo Guimaraes (Openheart Bognor Regis)

After a short break we had the seminars:
1) GLOCAL church with Richard Passmore from Frontier Youth Trust (Growing church in local cultural contexts)
2) The Online Generation with Rob Mumford from Vinelife Church Manchester (helping churches with social networking and online relational tools)
3) Jusice and Prayer with Jo Herbert from Tearfund and 247 Prayer Ministry (Engaging local communities with prayer and actions)

The conference finished with a time of worship led by Joe from “Brought into Being” and then Olgalvaro Bastos (TG Co-Ordinator) shared the word. His message was taken from 3 incidents in the life of David, where David’s identity was established (as shepherd and king), and showing the challenges that he had to his identity (you’re too young/insignificant/small). It was an inspirational message to “serve God in our generation” as David had done.

As usual, there was plenty of time for making new friends, catching up with old friends, laughing, telling stories and praying together.
A fantastic weekend!