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Tribal Generation

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Welcome to our training school for church planters.

We're fullof joy and expectation in the Lord as we walk together, with a firm conviction thatwe are making history.

In our travels throughout Brazil, Latin America and around the world, working with the emerging generation through the Tribal Generation movement we are constantly encountering the hunger and thirst of this generation for an intimate and transforming relationship with our God.

Unfortunately the established church has many times failed to respond to the concerns of this generation. Perhaps through being locked into tradition, or perhaps because of a lack of information and discernment of the transformations that the emerging generation have hoped for and have been experiencing.

We know that we are not the answer to everything, but we want to be God's agents of change through these days. This reality led us to build a school with a dynamic curriculum, covering the comprehensive aspects of daily life in a Christian community. Our intention is to give leaders the tools that they need to build a healthy, relevant, Biblical church, founded on the doctrine of the apostles.

In parallel, we want to cooperate with new leaders in order to get them to discern the time and present age, to be effective in ministry within their social, cultural and geographic reality and with an awareness of the responsibility to minister to a dynamic and constantly changing world. 

Our desire is to see a church transformed and adapted to speak a language which can communicate good news today.

The moment that we find ourselves in is an historic one, we will not steo away from our foundation which is the word of God, the Holy Bible.

"perfecting the saints for works of ministry, for the building up of the body of Christ" Ephesians 4

What we are

  • a training school to equip leaders in the planting of new churches
  • a centre of reflection and learning for a new generation of Christian thinkers
  • a global centre of exchange in ecclesiological and methodological teaching
What we are not
  • a school of doctrine
  • a denominational school
  • a school of purely academic development


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